Welcome to the Faith Lutheran Website
Please click on the video to the left to see a welcome to Faith Lutheran from our pastor, Pastor Lee Laaveg.

Map and directions to Faith Lutheran

 You can call Faith at 712-580-4316

 The Church of Jesus Christ                   

May   7 – “The Bride of Christ”
May 14 – “A Temple of Living Stones”
May 21 – “The Vine and the Branches”

May 28 – “The Body of Christ”
June   4 – “The People of God”
June 11 – “A City on a Hill”
June 18 – “The Family of God”
June 25 – “The Good Shepherd’s Flock”
July    2 – “The Kingdom of God”
April 23
All branches of service for our community were invited to a potluck to say thank you for all you do for us and our community!
New Member will be Received
New Members
will be received 
April 30.
CONTACT the church office for more information!
the Quilts
Kit Assembly
bulletin this week
Bulletin Available Online!
Faith’s bulletin is now posted weekly here on our website!  It is downloadable as a PDF for everyone’s viewing.

Just point and click on the image to the left and you will go to a new screen where you can view and/or print the current bulletin.

The new bulletin will be posted here each Thursday.  
Deadline for announcements will be Wednesday each week at 9:00 a.m.

Faith Lutheran Church is here for you.

Faith is a church created to live out the mission to which we have been called.

Our core values and beliefs are:


Reaching Out
Centered in the Word of God
Following the Spirit
Worshiping God
Building a Loving Community
Generous Hearts

Leading Ministry Through Lay People

Learning for Life
Building Up Individuals, Families, Youth &Children
Global Vision