2017 Confirmation Calendar 

Confirmation Class Time                                                                              Material: 1 Year Bible Reading Plan

                                                    Games: 6:30 – 6:50                                                             Fall: Old Testament

                                Large group time: 6:50 – 7:25                                                      Spring: New Testament

                                Small group time: 7:25 – 8:00


Date                      Activity/Bible Story                                                                        Time                      Location               


11-1                       1st and 2nd Samuel- Saul and David                                              6:30pm                 Faith

11-8                       1st and 2nd Kings- Solomon and the Dynasty                              6:30pm                 Faith

11-15                     Esther- The people of God Almost Destroyed                            6:30pm                 Faith

11-22                     No Confirmation- Thanksgiving Service                                6:30pm                 Faith

11-23 (Thurs.)    Thanksgiving!

 Advent Begins

11-29                     Job- A man of sorrows                                                                    6:30pm                 Faith


12-6                       Proverbs/Psalms- Wisdom and Poetic literature                      6:30pm                 Faith

12-13                     Major Prophets- Messengers of God                                           6:30pm                 Faith

12-17 (Sunday)  Christmas Program                                                                       9:00am                 Faith

12-20                     Minor Prophets- Messengers of God                                           6:30pm                 Faith

12-25                     Christmas Day!

12-27                     Sledding Party/Day Lock-In/Service Projects