2023 Nominating Committee
Jim Unrau
Karen Brandt
Ross Brockshus 
Brett Eilts
Randy Enge
The nominating team serves for one year.
There will be five voting members:
  • Two of whom  will be outgoing members of the council
  • Three non-Church Council members
Nominated from the floor and elected at the congregational annual meeting from the prior year.
The nominating team shall nominate one or more candidates for each office to be filled and shall receive prior consent from each candidate.
The list of nominees shall be announced to the congregation in conjunction with the notice of the annual meeting of Faith Lutheran Church.
In addition to the candidates submitted by the nominating team, nominations may be made from the floor during the annual meeting as long as prior consent of the nominee has been made.
Nominating team members cannot nominate themselves or another Nominating Team member.
Nominating team members and spouses cannot serve on the Nominating Team at the same time.
The Nominating team will provide a list of duties to the potential nominee and, prior to accepting the nomination, the nominee will research the duties of the team leadership for which they are nominated. If nominated from the floor, since prior consent is necessary, the nominee shall have investigated the duties of the team leadership for which they will be nominated.