The Evangelism team consists of people who care about people and have a desire for hope in their lives. We have a smile on our faces ready to give a hand shake or hug for members and guests at Faith Lutheran. We believe this is important because the reality is, for some people attending church, this may be the only human touch they experience until the next Sunday worship. The team recognizes that we are a part of almost everything that happens at church. Being a Christian – we are evangelists; we are a friend to others, we care about others, we meet people where they are,we  invite persons to events, our home, to coffee, listen to their story, we share our story, we learn about God’s Word and pray. All of the items listed happen in about every aspect at Faith Lutheran Church. The people at Faith Lutheran are evangelists.

e are willing to “Invite all people to Faith” so we all may become followers of Jesus.
If you are interested in serving on this team or would like more information about evangelism at our church please contact the church office.