Music and Creative Arts
The Music and Visual Arts team includes the instrumentalists, worship vocalists, music and visual arts contributors to Faith worship services.  All of these individuals work with Pastor Laaveg to organize the contributions of youth and adults to the various aspects of our worship experience.

If you have a musical talent to share, come and join our team as an instrumentalist or vocalist.  If you enjoy searching out videos, skits, and readings that share the Good News with fellow believers, please join our team to bring these to our worship life.

Brett & Jolynne Eilts
Team Leaders
Music and Creative Arts

If you like to write, direct, act or perform in skits and dramas, this is the team for you. 

We are always looking for new and creative opportunities as we recruit our talented members here at Faith and guests to share their gifts to add depth to our worship life. If you have those connections and the desire to serve the Lord in this way, this is the team for you.  

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact the Eilts with ideas/questions/concerns by phone or email her at