Faith Lutheran is part of the LCMC.  LCMC is the  acronym for Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. The LCMC is an association of Lutheran Churches, and authority comes from the congregations themselves, and not from any synod or governing body. 

This independence gives us the spiritual freedom to preach the Word as Truth in the way we feel God has presented it to us.

Faith Lutheran believes:

We believe, teach, and confess the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    • God created the world because He loves us.
    • Man sinned…man was forced to leave the eternal perfect garden God created because of his sin…man would eventually die.
    • God made a way to make man perfect again, through His son, Jesus Christ.
We believe, teach, and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the gospel as the power of God for the salvation of all who believe in him.
    • Jesus Christ is the Word of God incarnate, through whom everything was made and through whose life, death, and resurrection we are forgiven.
    • God made a way to make man perfect again, through His son, Jesus Christ.
    • Jesus lived a perfect life on earth, with all of the temptations of life.
    • Jesus took the punishment that we deserve on the cross, so that we do not have to die eternally for our sins.
    • Jesus died and was buried.
    • Jesus conquered death and was resurrected (came back to life) after 3 days so that we may by grace have eternal life with Him.
    • Jesus will return to judge between His followers and those that chose not to follow Him.

We believe, teach, and confess the gospel as recorded in the Holy Scriptures.  The Bible is the Word of God.  It is the power of God to create and sustain all believers for God’s mission in the world.

    • Until Christ’s return, we are to continue to serve Him by telling others the good news of the Bible that they can come to know Jesus and accept Him as their Savior and Lord.
    • We also come together to worship Him, and to encourage each other as we wait for Christ’s return.